27 Real Part-Time Night Jobs from Home

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Everyday, after priming yourself and go to other room for work, just sounds so sweet. No rustling and bustling of day to day life, makes the work-from-home even more appealing and energetic.

A tight squeezing day-work schedule and still not paid well! Or you work extra hours eliminating life, just doesn’t sounds right.  In this situation, if you’re ready to do anchor watch than opting for part-time night job is the best decision to make.

For any online or work-from-home jobs, the Internet and a computer system is must to have.  By working online, you will be able to add extra couple of dollars to your revenue.

Now a days, choosing a good online job seems difficult, when there is a sea of options. Here is few important criteria for any work-from-home jobs :

  •  High salary
  • Long term tenure
  • Flexible time management
  • Basic study credentials

Below is the long list of 27 part-time night jobs with good income and flexible time. So without any more ado, lets take look of the jobs.

  1. Social Media Evaluation – Who doesn’t love to spend more time on social media?  What if I say , you will be paid for spending time on social media? Yes with help of social media evaluator job, that’s possible. A social media evaluator basically is a rater or critic, who gives feedback on news feeds, advertisement and search results for social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. This job is currently available at Appen and Lionbridge. It is work-from-home night as well as day job. In this job you have to rate the quality and relevance of adds. Assign posts or answer questions for an intent are the few other work of this job. You can use a system or a smart phone (less than three year old). They are flexible and can fit anytime of your schedule. You can learn more about the job at Appen, by visiting their Jobs page.

Payment : $3/hour (i.e. internet analyst rate in India) to $18/hour. It varies depending upon different countries and different projects.

Work Hour : Up to 20 hours per week and 1-4 hours of work per day, 5-7 days a week.

  • Advains –  Advains is call center telephone research interviewer. This is a popular job which requires great communication and customer service skills. It helps you to earn good money by working in a flexible hours. It requires a quite home office, separate landline, a headset, a PC or laptop with high-speed internet. To learn more, check their official page.

Payment : A hourly wage (though that wage is not specified on their website).   

Work Hour : They operate between 5 pm to 12 am EST Monday through Friday and 12-7 pm on Saturday. Within those operating hours, they also offer flexible work schedules.

  • Live OPs – Liveops is a cloud call center company for customer service. It is one of the best job for home based agents. The flexible work hour allows you to work in any hour (day or night) fitting to your schedule. The company is very organized and supportive.  They have several major clients which will maximize your income.

Payment : $18.60 per hour.

Work Hour : The work hours are flexible and even have 30 minutes of work increments.

  • Proofreading – Proofreading are on the frontier of reviewing and analysing the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting for publishing environments. In simple terms, it means finding and correcting any sorts of mistake in texts. Companies and publisher houses require proofreading to ensure quality of the text,  check any plagiarism and maintain professionalism throughout.

Payment : $ 22 to $ 29 per hour. It may increase depending upon the work.

Work Hour : Anytime, according to your schedule.

  • Drop Shipping – Drop shipping is also known as online store. It is a supply chain management method which allows individuals to sell products online directly to the customers without stocking the product themselves. In simple words, it is a online store where a retailer transfers customer’s order to the manufacturer (or a wholesaler or another retailer) who then ships directly to the customer. While there is an option to sell other’s products, you can also sell your own products by opening an online store.

Payment : It varies and there is no particular amount. You may earn $500 a month to $2000 a month or even more.

Work Hour : 3-4 hours per day.

  • Freelance Writing – A freelance writer is a self-employed individuals who doesn’t work for one specific company.  They can work in any sector, writing for different clients. Though they most work in marketing, communication, blogs, content writing, creative arts or even in IT. In order to achieve this job, strong writing background is not much essential. The typical tenure for a freelancer is more or less than a year.

Payment : $10,000 a month. But money varies depending upon your skills.

Work Hour : 5-6 hour per day.

  • Fiverr –  According to Fiverr, “ Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig.”  The digital services like graphics & design, writing, translation, business, technology, and many more. Fiverr gives access to different clients who seek the services of freelancers for their own requirements.

Payment : $150 per hour.

Work Hour :  5-6 hour per day, according to your schedule.

  • Facebook ads manager – With over 2.42 Billion monthly active users Facebook is one of the largest platform for any business. Facebook Ads Manager is an ad management tool to make, edit and analyse paid promotional Facebook campaigns. There are two ways to use this: Guided creation and Quick creation. But many people aren’t aware of this tool. Thus Facebook marketer helps such businesses to get more customers and sales. This helps to setup local business.

Payment : It starts from $135 per month and varies depending upon different business.

Work Hour : 4 hours per day.

  • Teach English Online with Vipkid – Vipkid is an online tutoring platform where you can teach English and earn money on hourly basis. This is an spectacular part-time job. After winning #1 on Forbes magazines “Best work from home companies” list in 2018 the company has been rapidly expanding. The basic requirements are needed like bachelor’s degree, High-speed internet, computer & webcam/microphone.

Payment : $22 per hour

Work Hour : 6 PM to 10 PM

10.  TranscribeMe – Next in line, TranscribeMe is a work-from-home job which involves transcription works. If you’re searching for a night job then this is perfect. Transcription is forthright work, that is, listen to an audio file, and type what you hear. It may sound easy but that’s not true. You’ll be listening to speakers of all stripes, different accents, high and low pitch voice. The job requires accuracy, excellent typing skills, and strict adherence to their style guide. The shortest audio length is 2-4 minutes long.

Payment : $20 every audio hour and the payments are done on a weekly basis.

Work Hour : Work timings are completely flexible and available throughout the day for people all around the world.

11.  Rev –  Next in the work-from-home night job list is Rev. Rev, founded on 2010 is a part-time service for translators, captioners (for different social media platform) and transcriptionists. They have two working shifts, one during the day and one at night.

Payment : For transcriptions – $20 to $ 40 an hour.  The payments go out every Monday. Captioners earn $0.40-$0.75 for each minute of video. So $240/month per month.

Work Hour : 3-4 hour per day.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Mturk – Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an online marketplace for completion of virtual tasks that requires human intelligence like data entry and transcription job. The MTurk platform allows business to have on-demand workforce for completion of their work. At the same time it also gives workers a ample option of tasks to complete, fitting to their schedule. So you can for this at night and earn money.

Payment : It has varying payment options depending upon the work.

Work Hour: The scheduled hours are flexible

  1. TextBroker – Basically, Textbroker is a company that pays freelance writers to write high-quality content for its clients. The platform pays on a total word count basis. This helps you to  showcase your talents and skills. 

Payment : $9 to $12 per hour, depending upon which level you are.

Work Hour : Depending upon writing a article.

  1. Usertesting – User Testing is a night job platform through which UX of a website, app, product are tested by users, performing  specific tasks and conditions. They pays you for testing before making it public.

Payment : They pay around $10 for every task which lasts up to 20 minutes.

Work Hour : 4-5 hours a day, depending upon number of testing done.

  1. Userlytics – Userlytics is a user testing website that allows to run tests on any digital asset (sites, apps, prototypes, competitor assets, or more) on any device and give feedback about it. To speak in simple English, businesses need people for testing their digital assets. So they pay Userlytics to find testers and Userlytics pays you in return to do the testing. For Userlytics, the webcam, Windows 7 and latest version of Java installed is required.

Payment : They pay $10 per task (via PayPal) that usually run for 10 to 20 minutes.

Work Hour : 3-4 hours a day depending upon number of testing.

  1. LeapForce – Another work-from-home night job is LeapForce. This is an interesting job as it is designed in such a way that the website pays you to be a search engine evaluator. Basically, the main work is reviewing the content of search engine results. So this best for working at night and add few more dollars to your pocket.

Payment : It ranges from $10-$13 per hour and the payments are released every month in the form of cheques or fixed deposit.

Work Hour : Flexible working hours is available.

  1. Design Crowd – Design Crowd, founded in 2007, is an online creative designing platform. Depending upon work efficiency and number of clients, the payment is decided. The more clients you have, the more you’ll earn. This designing platform includes logo design, business card design, web design,  flyer design, graphics design, T-shirt design, etc.

Payment : The payments are paid on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the requests made by the individual and the work.

Work Hour : Depending upon your work.

  1. Pay Per Cost – Pay Per Cost is a platform where you can earn money by writing reviews for the different company products for customer attracting. The more you write, the more they pay. On successful completion of a review, the payments are done via PayPal.

Payment : Starting from $50.

Work Hour : Depends upon the work.

19.  Blogging – Making Money through blogging is something that does not demand a specific time of the day, so you have the freedom to work at any time, the night-time, for instance. Before knowing how it works, lets know who is a blogger? A blogger is a person who creates (mostly text) content about the topics with profound interest. When people reads these blogs, the bloggers makes money through advertising, e-marketing, sponsored post, etc. In blogging, you don’t have to work consistently in order to earn money. To attract more traffic to your blog, you have to find interesting topic and write high quality content on that topic. The popular blog niches include : finance, cooking, lifestyle, entrepreneurial, travel, health, fitness and more.

Payment : $1000 to more than $100,000 monthly depending upon blog niche, expertise, and traffic size.

Work Hour : Any hour as per your schedule.

  • Writer Domain – Another work-from-home night job is Writersdomain. The name itself speaks that, it is an online freelance writing platform where you can earn money by writing high-quality articles and contents. Select a gig choosing a higher paying clients. It is very much similar to that of freelance writing.

Payment : $0.02 to 0.05 per word. $15 and more, depending upon the quality content. The payments vary depending on the client you are writing for.

Work Hour : Depends upon writing a article.

  • TutorVista – One of the most popular work-from-home job, TutorVista Global Private Limited (acquired by BYJUs), is an educational organisation that specializes in online tutoring. They accept both part time and full time jobs.The website and its content are provided mainly in English. Each tutor session lasts up to 45 minutes. This work is assigned in evening time for part-time jobbers. Basic qualifications for acquiring this job is post graduation.

Payment : $10 – $20 per hour.

Work Hour : Min 4 hours a day.

  • WorldWide 101 –  Worldwide 101 is an online virtual assistant platform for home-based employees with a strong professional background in administration, customer service(answering their queries and explaining shortcomings), marketing, or project management. The work is predominantly part-time, one that you can indulge in during the night time. Founded in 2009, Worldwide 101 is one of the higher-paying companies in work-from-home job sector. It provide high-level support for e-marketing, web design and much more to the employees.

Payment : $15 – $20 per hour

Work Hour : Depends upon your schedule.

  • Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie is an online survey platform that pays users for sharing their opinions. The survey are short and easy. You can choose the survey according to your need. The best part about Survey Junkie is you get paid even if your surveys don’t qualify. Join this job and earn extra cash every night before sleeping. Each survey is worth a certain number of points, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Then finally redeem them for PayPal cash.

Payment :  $45 per Survey

Work Hour : Depends upon the survey you took and the time to complete it.

  • Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a leading online reward earning platform. It is one of the best part-time job which is to complete tasks like survey, watch videos, read emails,  online shopping, play games and more to earn extra money. By doing this task, you can earn points ( called SB) and redeem in PayPal or gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. With over 15 million members, Swagbucks has awarded over 90 million dollars in real rewards.

Payment : $5 sign-up bonus. $35 per Survey.

Work Hour : Flexible hours.

  • MindsPay – MindsPay is a leading website that rewards for doing Surveys and reviewing products. This is best part-time job where its employees test and review products and services, participating in paid offers. You give feedback to help customers and bring more audience to the businesses.

Payment : $3 sign-up bonus. $50 per Survey. $0.5 per paid email. You are paid via your PayPal account.

Work Hour : It takes 5 minutes to 15 minutes to complete.

  • Vindale Research – Vindale Research is a paid survey trusted consumer research community. It stretches to help companies hear the reviews of customers. According to Vindale, “It is the secure, reliable and free survey site for anyone who wants to earn money online”. The platform allows you to choose only products, services, topics that matter to you. The employees are rewarded cash not any points. So you can work from home at any time.

Payment : $1 sign-up bonus. $5-$50 per Survey.

Work Hour : Flexible hours.

  • Humanatic – Humanatic is a website, developed by Century Interactives, founded in 1988 is the last one on the list of part-time night job. The software gives businesses a clear and detailed analysis of their phone calls, using home-based reviewers who listen to recorded calls. This analysis helps companies to improve their business more. In simple terms, you are  going to hear the audio recordings and analyze it.

Payment : Pay is based on each call category. The lowest category can start as low as $0.06 -$0.10 per call task.

Work Hour : Flexibility of work. No necessity to work everyday.

Bottom Line

In this article, we come across 27 part-time night jobs with detail description including payment, working hour, basic qualifications. All of this twenty seven work has option for one year tenure.

There are no counted options for job when it comes to work-from-home night job. But the above twenty seven jobs are hand picked and 100% genuine work which will definitely add extra money to pocket (whether it is for budgeting, paying loans off or meeting your workaholic after retirement).  This jobs will surely improve your skills and make you more experienced in work sector. One of the best features of this all 27 jobs are the “flexible working hours”. It makes easier for you to decide your working time slot. Even if you don’t work on daily basis there is no pressurisation. There is no deadline as it is present in high paid tight schedule day jobs. Stress free mind and full energy makes your mood to be more workaholic comparing to other full time jobs. You can pursue your hobbies and fulfil your dreams while working in these jobs.

No doubt having a tight day-schedule is hard and working at night will certainly not be a easy task. Late night job is quite difficult for girls but another thing is that night shifts can be better resource to earn more. Since you’ve decided to do night job, opt for a one that keeps your interest intact. But only fixed interest won’t suffice. Consistency plays a important role for any successful job. It is very easy to give up something that doesn’t meet your goal or if you’re not satisfied. Consistency will help you to expertise in your favourite area and improve skills. Thus your income will climb the stairs and lead you to attain financial freedom or simply, meeting your daily needs.



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