Ivacy VPN – Best VPN Service for Privacy and Ultimate Security

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Wondering about Ivacy VPN Review 2020, Ivacy VPN was founded in 2007 and more than a decade later you can already say that it has conquered its space within the VPN market due to a fast worldwide server network. This article discussed Ivacy VPN – Best VPN Service for Privacy and Ultimate Security for you to know.

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Our Rating = 8.5/10

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ivacy vpn review

On top of that, the Singapore company offers the simplest level of encryption and even a few additional tools, like a split tunnel, a kill switch, and IPv6 leak protection, which will make all its users happy, but especially those who have a curiosity about torrents.

In fact, Ivacy VPN is an enthusiastic supporter of P2P and file-sharing, and his attractive client is made to accommodate such activities and covers a number of platforms that start from computers and mobile devices to routers and more.

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What is Vpn? Why we need one?

vpn is the best way to hid your data from the internet and online theft or vulnerabilities, ivacy vpn is one of the best vpn in our research found by some of the detailed features and specifictaions we have described below about the ivacy vpn review. we have designed an inforgraphic with clear explanation of how the vpn works in todays world.

https://ranreview.com/ivacy-vpn/ Why we need a VPN?

Ivacy VPN review 2020: Features

ivacy vpn features

Simultaneous connections: Ivacy VPN offers 10 simultaneous connections. Honestly, this is often about to be a “standard” feature, though there are still a couple of major VPNs that limit it to 4-6 simultaneous connections (like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and VyprVPN).

Smart Connect Function: Ivacy’s VPN Smart Connect function is one of my favorite aspects of their software. For those users who are not experts in technology, Ivacy divides its application into three main use cases: 1) Transmission, 2) Download, and 3) Unlock. Choose your reason for connecting and therefore the application. And choose the acceptable server and protocol for your use.

Ivacy VPN

VPN on Demand: Ivacy VPNmarkets a feature called “VPN on Demand” which is a much better version of the VPN split tunnel. It will tell Ivacy to connect to a VPN every time you access certain websites that you simply choose. During this process, you are not encrypting all of your Internet traffic and you have control over. Websites receive additional security treatment.

Ivacy VPN review 2020: Privacy and registration

Ivacy VPN has an excellent privacy policy that details everything it records, and everything it doesn’t, refreshingly clear details. Here is a key paragraph.

‘We do not record or strictly monitor online browsing activities, connection logs, assigned VPN IP addresses, original IP addresses, browsing history, outgoing traffic, connection times, data to which You have accessed and/or the DNS queries generated by you. we have no information associating specific activities to specific users. ”

Google Analytics on the website). This is not ideal, but it is better than many competitors, and it was good to make sure that Ivacy also allows you to request the deletion of your personal information through the Members Area of its website.

Ivacy VPN 2020: Process vs Construction:

Because Ivacy may be a company that has been around for a few years (first launched in 2007), they have had plenty of time to adapt to the changing needs of privacy-conscious consumers.

For this reason, tons of what you will find on the “pros” side of this list says about the user experience and availability.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN 2020: Process

  • Long service history (est. 2007);
  • 10 simultaneous devices;
  • Beautiful applications easy to use;
  • Low prices (some of the most profitable on the market);
  • Unique features like Smart Connect and VPN on Demand;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;

Ivacy VPN 2020: Construction

  • OpenVPN is not natively available on all platforms (namely macOS and iOS)
  • No transparency of the company;
  • Not developed or marketed by native English speakers

So with these pros and cons in mind, I’d like to continue this Ivacy VPN review explaining two categories of features:

The ones that are “standard” (that is, each VPN has them) and the people that are exclusive to the service.

Ivacy VPN 2020: Security and Encryption:

Ivacy VPN talks about having “military grade” 256-bit encryption on her website. This is often the type of encryption you’d like to have when connecting to a VPN, but it’s also industry-standard.

Ivacy VPN 2020: Server Distribution

Ivacy VPN offers you the option to install on more than 1,000 servers distributed in more than 30 countries around the world. this is often much more than you will need or use, but again, this is often standard.

Ivacy VPN 2020: No-registration policy

Ivacy VPN has a zero-registration policy, but I’m only going to say this once: almost anything that examines the importance of a no-registration policy can be a joke and, although it wasn’t, zero-registration Policies they are a lie.

Ivacy VPN 2020: Customer Support:

Ivacy VPN offers email and lives chat support for its customers. In addition to the IPVanish VPN, which goes beyond phone support, this type of customer support is on par with any other service within the industry.

Ivacy VPN 2020: Dedicated platform apps

When you are using a consumer VPN, the last item you would like to have is to manually discover the connection. Ivacy does an excellent job of offering beautiful applications for almost every platform you will consider using, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and even Kodi.

So if these standard features are, well … standard, then it’s important during this Ivacy VPN review to figure out what’s unique.

Ivacy VPN 2020: Networks

Ivacy VPN presents a huge selection of servers and locations as there are over 100 locations in over 50 countries. This translates to over 1,000 servers with a large chunk of them carefully located in P2P compliant countries for file-sharing fans to use. Also, while the company is not yet one of the biggest names in the industry, it can still claim to have some pretty weird locations that many other services don’t have. Africa is much better represented than elsewhere, for example, and therefore the presence of nations such as China, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Singapore, and many others guarantees global coverage.

The IP addresses that were allocated by the servers were always on par with the chosen country, but multiple tests revealed that in fact some are literally shared with another VPN company. On a positive note, there have been no issues regarding DNS leaks, which involves proving that the company’s tool works flawlessly, and hence Ivacy is often relying on P2P sharing.

The speed tests produced variable results, but none of them could be considered deficient. There’s another curiosity with the automatic server selection feature, which selects the simplest server available to you, and since the tests were done from Europe, it might be fair to assume that you could choose one among the closest countries. Instead, it had been Ivacy’s VPN homeland, Singapore, claiming the award for the fastest connection, which was a pleasant surprise despite the high ping. The remaining countries that were tested produced predictable results considering the geographical distances to each of them.

Ivacy VPN review 2020: Privacy protection

When it comes to security, there are four protocols to establish and this can play a crucial role in the speed and overall security of any connection. The most common option will be IVACY VPN, either in UDP or TCP, but PPTP, L2TP, and IKEv2 are also available.

However, the level of encryption cannot be changed, unless you use PPTP, which does not apply encryption and is, therefore, faster, but insecure, and is approximately 256 bits, which is still the most popular and reliable today.

Similarly, it is also important to mention that Ivacy VPN  is governed by its non-registration policy and since it is based in Singapore this will be considered reliable.

Ivacy VPN review 2020: Pricing

Ivacy’s pricing structure offers the standard strategy of three plans with very attractive prices and no service restrictions in any of them. The only difference is that the subscription period, although at an equivalent time, might even alienate some customers.

Ivacy Best VPN Deal Save Upto 88% Off

To explain, the monthly plan costs $ 9.95, which may be a fair and customary price for monthly packages, but the subsequent offer shoots up to $ 40.00 per year. Sure, this often saves 66% on the monthly subscription, but Ivacy VPN lacks a monthly-to-annual idea, which could provide even more options for potential customers.

However, the third plan may be a two-year subscription, and therefore the cheapest of the three, with an equivalent cost of $ 2.25 per month and billed at $ 54.00 every two years. Unfortunately, there is no free trial or free version, but the company does include a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans, allowing a minimum of a full month of risk-free testing.

Additionally, all purchases include a free one-year subscription to Sticky Password, which we review and consider to be one of the highest password managers in the world.

Ivacy  VPN also accepts a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Paymentwall, and much more.

Ivacy Best VPN Deal Save Upto 88% Off

Ivacy VPN 2020: Customer service

A good VPN is often ruined by poor customer service, but Ivacy doesn’t stumble too much during this aspect. There are several ways to contact the team at any time or day of the week, the most important direct method being live chat, which starts automatically when the location is visited.

Our interactions with support came with a fast and friendly staff, answering our questions without requiring an excessive amount of information from us. Next to this is the ticket submission platform, the preferred method if the questions are more complex or require more help. Social media is often an honest alternative too, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages are always updated with relevant news and articles, the fine print of which can even be found on Ivacy’s blog.

On the downside, most FAQ pages cannot be trusted. While some of the most important basic answers are answered there, many of them date back to 2015, when clients and desktop applications were configured completely differently, and therefore the assistance provided was for various issues.

Ivacy VPN 2020: Can I use Netflix with Ivacy vpn?

Ivacy’s VPN website boasts that it allows you to ‘stream anything, anywhere’, which sounds good to us. And this is not just a lazy marketing waffle – the apps include streaming features that are specifically designed to unlock Netflix and many other streaming platforms.

BBC iPlayer is often a challenge for some VPNs, but not for Ivacy: we chose the iPlayer tile, the client opened the browser and we transmitted content as usual.

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Finally, you know what exactly ivacy vpn is about right? consider all features and Decide to select the best VPN for you.

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