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Fetchy and snappy title brings a lot of attention to a blog. A catchy title is like a golden goose that pushes the rank to top or to say, increases traffic. 

Writing a compelling headline for any blog is a must-to-have skill for any blogger or freelancer. Having a comprehensive platform of numerous blogs or websites, making your blog more convincing is more complicated than writing a one. In this case, an eye-catching Blog Post Ideas

Blog titles are the first part of your blog that a reader sees, and that is responsible for making them click it and read the rest. 

As it is said, “The first impression is the best impression”. In other words, the success of your post depends upon a powerful and cheeky blog title. 

To create a good blog title, you should be well acquainted with the headline formula. “Keyword “plays a vital role in improving SEO content and drawing attention to the title. The title adds much needed visibility for you Blog post Idea.

As the searched terminology or keyword, if written in a natural but powerful way, stops the reader from your blog to go through it. 

Use the keyword for ten times per thousand words so that it won’t look crowded with only one word. Always stick to your blog title, and give what you promised. For instance, you have written “blow your mind” but actually if it won’t. 

Then it will cause the downfall of your blog. 

Want to download the complete list of title in pdf format? scroll down to the page

A blog post title/template helps make a blog on social media platforms or in Google search for readers. In the current short-sighted and competitive world, writing a short but effective is not an easy task. 

Emotion’s Effect

Emotion plays a crucial role in increasing the ranking. As people search based on their needs and mood. So giving a powerful emotional touch to the main title is highly essential. It is a great Blog Post Idea.

 Plutchik’s wheel of emotions reveals the core emotions needed for giving emotional back up to a title. 

Bog Post Ideas

As you can see clearly in the above image, the inner circle core emotions are fear, anger, happiness, sadness, love, disgust, and surprise. These elements should make a substantial impact on the headline. 

Always appeal to make an emotional approach. Studies prove that clicking and sharing a blog depends upon emotional decisions. Blog titles reflecting the eight-core emotions inspire a reader deeply (source).   

Analysis, that number of shares on different posts, is based upon the Emotional Market Value (EMV) score. It is found that the highest EMV scores got more shares and views than the low EMV score. So be specific and hit directly at the emotional spot for a good blog title. 

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Titles and Templates

There is a sort of formula for writing a good and catchy title. 

“Keyword + Main word + Insight “is that formula. 

They are many different ways for the attention-grabbing title, fitting the templates in. But the fundamental principles or formula remains the same. By doing this, the article looks more attractive and has a higher chance of being on the first page of the search list. This is the creativity required for triggering the intuition. List title, guide title, problem-solution titles are few examples.

List Titles Beginning the title with a number, clearly mentioning the list of contents is called list titles. It grabs more attention than a normal one. Studies show that digit has more influence than words. 

So the formula for this is : 

“ Number + Key word + Main word + Insight ”.

To understand more in a detailed manner, see the image below with a pointed arrow on the headline. This interesting title made the Blog Post idea very clear to the readers

Blog post ideas



So here for templates :-

  • X surprising facts _____
  • X clever idea to _____
  • X unconventional ways to _____
  • X brilliant ideas _____
  • X practical ways to ______
  • X interesting ways to _____
  • X effective tips _____
  • X smart ways to ____
  • X reasons to care for _____
  • X best selling ____
  • X smart phones _____
  • X painless way
  • X _____ tips for beginners
  • X common myths ____
  • X ______ facts you never knew
  • X____ things I wish I know before
  • X things you wish you know before _______
  • X shocking truth ______
  • X _____ strange things you wish you never knew before.
  • X convincing reasons to do _____
  • X best known tips known tips before doing ____
  • X keys to make perfect _____
  • X things to know _____ that won’t be taught at school
  • X facts about _____ space
  • X important lessons ______ of life
  • X love poems for ______
  • X inspirational quotes _______
  • X best songs for _______
  • X cute names for ____
  • Top X latest ______ to know
  • X best scary books to ____
  • X top fashion designer names to _____
  • X best paintings to _____
  • X simple drawing ____
  • Top X games to _____
  • X best _____ films to watch
  • X last prime minister of ____
  • X best ____ to travel
  • X luxurious _____ to live
  • X way to get rid of _____

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How to and Solution Titles for your Blog Post Ideas:-

This article solves the problem for readers. If well explained, it convinces the readers to trust or visit blogs shortly. It is frequently shown in search engines.

  • How to get success _____ easily
  • How to do ____ without try
  • How to complete ______ in first attempt
  • How to succeed ____ after failure
  • How to ____ without any interest
  • How to _____ in less money
  • How to achieve ____ in short time
  • How to get more likes on _____
  • How to get more followers on ____
  • How to get more comments on ____
  • How to get more popular in ______
  • How to look attractive in _____
  • How to look beautiful in ______
  • How to look stunning without _____
  • How to do bridal makeup at _____
  • How to do simple makeup for _____
  • How to lose _____ in one week
  • How to gain _____ in one month
  • How to win a ______
  • How to get over ____
  • How to get over addiction in ______
  • How to be a good speaker for _____
  • How to make short ____
  • How to edit a _____ 
  • How to post a ____
  • How to create a _____
  • How to build a ____ in home
  • How to become a _____
  • How to get rid of _____
  • How to get money in ____ 
  • How I ____ in 10 days
  • How to master a _____ at home
  • How to start a ____
  • How to teach a _____
  • How to improve your ____ in X days
  • How to learn about ____
  • How to launch a ____
  • How to fly a toy _____
  • How to begin a _____
  • How to conquer ____

Why Titles

When curiosity overcomes, finding an answer is a must. So this headline helps to capture and answer the reader’s interest. By merely evoking an emotional sense, this gains a lot of attention. Adding a Why title can enhance your next blog post ideas

  • Why you need to ____
  • Why you should never do ____
  • Why you need to do before _____
  • Why you should believe ____
  • Why are the experts wrong about ____
  • Why you should obey ____
  • Why I don’t agree with ____
  • Why ____ is my ____ favorite
  • Why you should ____ instead ____
  • Why you should never follow a ____
  • Why is a ____ moving around
  • Why it isn’t giving _____
  • Why you have to follow ____
  • Why confusion creates in ____
  • Why confessions help to bring ___

Other types of question’s titles

  • Want to do a ____
  • Want to not give up ____
  • Want the best _____
  • Want to know ____
  • Want to make a ____&
  • What you love to ____
  • What’s the difference between ____ and ____
  • What is the price of ____
  • What you should when you’re in ____
  • What is the best reason to ____
  • What is it ____
  • What are the best ____ to travel
  • What is a ____ 
  • What are the important ______
  • What to do when you’re in ____
  • What date is ____
  • What day is ____
  • What should never be done
  • What is the ____
  • What are the cool ____ to wear
  • When _____ is coming
  • When does a ____ fall
  • When does a celebrity ____
  • When is _____ birthday
  • When will be the ____ played

Guide Titles 

Writing detail and explaining is a great thing for readers. This proves more helpful for readers who are looking for more detailed information. This long-form guides just increase a blog’s reputation even more. If your blog post idea is a guide, then it is must to choose these Guide titles

  • Best guide to ____
  • The ultimate guide to ___
  • The comprehensive guide to ____
  • The detailed guide to ____
  • The complete guide to ____
  • The defensive guide for ___
  • Beginners guide to ____
  • Advanced guide to ____
  • An essential guide for ____
  • A practical guide to ____
  • In-depth guide for ____
  • A to Z guide for _____
  • Quick start guide to ____
  • All about ____
  • Everything you need to know _____
  • Step by step guide to _____
  • Sheet guide to ____
  • Survival guide for _____
  • The ins and outs of _____
  • Important guide to ____

Review Titles 

This helps to give a clear comparison of two things. It provides the best opinion about the things that makes a man confused. This is very effective for the blog post ideas related to reviews.

  • The best _____ for beginners
  • The best _____ under X amount
  • ____ vs ____ : The winner is ?
  • ____ ways to know if ____ is right or wrong ?
  • Reasons to buy _____ 
  • The amazing things to know _____
  • An honest review of ____
  • A detailed review of _____
  • Good comparison between ______ and ______
  • Reasons to fall in love with _____
  • Cheaper alternatives to _____
  • Everything to know about which is cheaper than _____
  • Is the best _____ under _____ money to buy
  • Which is the best _____ to buy
  • Which is the best ____ in ____
  • An interesting fact about _____ 
  • Know all the facts before buying _____
  • Buyers option for _____
  • How can ____ help you in ____
  • How will a ____ work 

Challenge Blog Post Ideas Titles

A challenge always excites a person. This helps people to get engage in your blog even more.

  • One week _____ challenge
  • 30 – days challenge for _____
  • Ten days challenge to beat ______
  • How to complete a ______ challenge
  • How to win a _____ challenge
  • Are challenges ______
  • 90 days challenge for ____ loss
  • 10 days challenge for ____ gain
  • X days challenge for completing _____
  • X days self-challenge for ____


Experts and Opinions Blog Post Ideas Titles

Taking advice from an experienced person always helps in one way or the other. Readers often look for an expert to follow his path. People wonder and ask different opinions on different things. If this type of headline is present in a blog, there are hog chances of getting on top positions.

  • X best experts for _____
  • X best experts saying about ____
  • X experts reveal how _____
  • Experts reveal why _____
  • Experts share their _____
  • Experts open up about ____
  • Experts say about their _____ secret
  • Experts found out about _____
  • Experts share their top _____
  • X experts researching about _____
  • X experts of _____ in the 19th century
  • X experts of _____ English
  • Experts of ______ in _____
  • Experts discuss the near future of _____
  • Experts give an opinion on _____
  • Experts explain the fact of _____ that was mysterious
  • X experts gain complete knowledge of ____
  • X experts made a huge mistake in _____
  • X experts talk about hidden _____
  • Experts who were doing illegal ___
  • Bloggers share their favorite ______
  • Opinion on ____ and _____
  • What is your opinion on _____
  • Give opinion for this ____
  • X experts opinion on ____
  • Pro opinion on the _____
  • Cons – opinion on the 
  • What is ____ opinion on ____
  • Why is ____ not giving any opinion on ____
  • X experts ____ their best tips for ____ 
  • X opinion on the ____ resources

Bottom Line

In this article, we learned about different ways of writing an exciting title or templates with our blog post ideas

List ways help to give more specific information. The guide title is a long-form blog with complete details.

Question answer titles gain more audience, answering the reader’s curiosity. 

All these titles might help to stop the struggling of thinking a new headline for every post. The new headers might infuse a new idea for writing a new blog, if not written any. 

Although a blog title seems like a small part of an overall blog, it is the most crucial part of a blog’s success. So think twice before writing your blog title.

Download the PDF document for blog titles and templates here



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